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Our System

Lube Stick Applicator

The Lube Stick Applicator is an all-steel assembly that presses the Lube Stick against the part to be lubricated. The holder has a built in window to see when refilling is needed, and a sure-locking bayonet end cap to make refilling quick and easy. The lube stick applicator has been simplified over the years and reduced to a single moving part, the stainless steel spring.


Lube Stick

The Lube Stick is an advanced dry, solid lubricant designed to lubricate and protect low-speed moving parts.  Lube Sticks are particularly effective and suited for flanged wheel applications where wear can result in expensive outage or dangerous failure.  Our Generation 3 formula includes two different forms of graphite and proprietary additives for superior adhesion and lubricity.


Our Lube Sticks are solid lubricants that hold up in the worst conditions, and engineers around the world are able to use them on a variety of equipment. Overhead cranes, gantry cranes, short-haul rail, and retractable stadium roofs are popular applications, but engineers are constantly finding innovative ways to use our Lube Sticks in various industries.

Metal Tubes

Guaranteed To Save Money

With our product, you can virtually eliminate wheel replacement due to flange wear.  Our product will also reduce many shaft, gearbox, and bearing failures caused by excessive friction between wheel flanges and the railhead.

Industries Serviced

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