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Not Accepting Flange Wheel Failures, AISE Steel Technology

All steel moving parts require lubrication at points of contact.  The need to lubricate your wheel flanges is the same as the need to lubricate your auto or truck engine.  The RPM is much lower, but the wear can be catastrophic and extremely expensive. In today's competitive environment, it doesn't matter how fast you can get equipment back in service. It matters that you don't go down, period. The Trans-Lube lubrication system has been proven to dramatically reduce flange wheel failures, and keep your equipment up and running.

10-Year History of Crane Wheel Assembly Maintenance at Bethlehem's Burns Harbor Plant, Iron and Steel Engineer

One of the most thorough studies of the causes and cures for flange wheel failure. After Lube Sticks were installed, crane wheels that once lasted only eight months are now lasting for years.

IMPORTANT Installation Tips

Tips to get the most from your Lube-Stick installation

Cleveland & Morgan bracket design

Engineering drawing for the bracket to mount Lube-Sticks to a Cleveland & Morgan crane.

Bracket for  P&H and Alliance Cranes

Engineering drawing for the bracket to mount Lube-Sticks to a P&H or Alliance crane.

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