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Cargo Ship at the Port

Keeping Things Moving: Why Lubricating Flanged Wheels is Key for Shipping Cranes

When it comes to the hustle and bustle of the shipping industry, efficiency is everything. That's where overhead cranes and gantry cranes come in, handling heavy cargo with ease in ports and terminals. But you know what keeps these giants running smoothly? Proper maintenance, especially when it comes to those trusty flanged wheels. And that's where Trans-Lube  steps in to save the day! 

A Crane Lifting a Container

Trans Lube: Lubrication Sticks 

At Trans-Lube, we’re all about saving those flanged wheels. They're like the unsung heroes of crane life, providing stability and support as they tackle heavy loads day in and day out. All that action creates a heap of friction and wear, which is why proper maintenance is crucial to keep things running smoothly. Enter: lubrication. 


Lubricating those flanged wheels isn't just a suggestion – it's a gamechanger. By reducing friction and wear, lubrication helps extend the lifespan and time in service of crane systems, saving both time and money in the long run. Plus, it keeps wheels in tip-top shape, minimizing the risk of breakdowns and derailments. Talk about a win-win! 

Perks of Regular Lubrication

Cargo Shipping Containers


Enhanced reliability

Lubrication drastically reduces wheel wear, ensuring your cranes are always on station and ready to tackle the next job.


Prolonged lifespan

With less wear and tear, your crane systems will stay in service longer, saving you from costly replacement or repairs.


Reduced maintenance expenses

Say goodbye to pricey fixes – lubrication helps keep your maintenance costs in check.

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