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  • Mark Davis

Elevate Superdome Performance: The Essential Role of Lubricating Flanged Wheels with Lubrication Sticks

Welcome to the world of superdomes, where architectural brilliance meets iconic events! To keep venues at their peak, meticulous maintenance is key. Let's talk about one crucial component: the flanged wheels supporting the retractable roof. In this blog, we'll chat about why lubing up these wheels, especially with lubrication sticks, is essential for boosting efficiency and durability in domed stadiums.

Ensuring Smooth Operation:

Picture this: the dome’s roof slowly sliding open to reveal the beautiful sky above. Those flanged wheels make it happen! Nobody wants to hear a big, steel roof creaking, banging, and groaning high above their heads. With consistent lubrication, especially using Trans-Lube lube sticks, we drop friction and wear on these wheels to nearly zero, making operations smooth as butter and quiet as a mouse. By making lubrication sticks a part of our maintenance routines, stadium operators can be confident that the roof glides effortlessly, taking superdome performance to new heights.

Enhancing Safety Measures:

Safety is a top priority in superdome operations. Working on a roof hundreds of feet in the air is dangerous and troublesome. Properly lubricating flanged wheels with Trans-Lube lube sticks reduces the risk of sudden failures or jams, keeping fans safe and comfortable. This proactive maintenance approach creates a secure environment for all attendees, letting nothing spoil the grace and grandeur of the superdome.

Preventing Costly Repairs:

Skipping flanged wheel lubrication can lead to pricey repairs or replacements. That's where Trans-Lube lube sticks come are clutch! They reduce friction, extending the lifespan of critical components and dramatically reducing unexpected downtime and costly repairs. A superdome venue needs to stay busy to pay its bills and keep making money. Unplanned downtime is extremely costly. With Trans-Lube lube sticks, downtime due to flanged wheel wear is all but eliminated.

Prolonging Lifespan and Performance:

A sports venue legacy depends on maintaining its infrastructure, including those trusty flanged wheels. Regular lubrication with Trans-Lube lube sticks extends their lifespan and preserves their performance. With less friction and wear, we ensure the Superdome remains a premier venue for generations, captivating audiences with its architectural brilliance.


In the dynamic world of stadium management, every detail counts – especially when it comes to critical components like flanged wheels. Integrating lubrication sticks into regular maintenance routines isn't just a task; it's an investment in efficiency, safety, and longevity. By prioritizing flanged wheel lubrication, we uphold the superdome’s status as a top-tier venue while ensuring unforgettable experiences for attendees and performers. So roll back the roof and let the fans enjoy the sky!

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