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  • Mark Davis

Real-Life Tales of Efficiency Boosts and Cash Savings

Updated: Apr 9

Here's a few reasons advanced flanged wheel lubrication makes good sense.

1. Less Downtime: A prominent steel manufacturer slashed flanged wheel failure rates from 130 per year to just 3 per year with a proper lubrication schedule. Time is money, and less downtime keeps equipment in service making money for the company.

2. Longer Lifespan: Another study from the steel industry found that track lifespan was significantly increased .

3. Greater fuel efficiency: Properly lubed wheels mean less energy wasted on friction and more money saved on fuel. It's a win-win for both your pocket and the planet.

Conclusion: Keep the Wheels Turning

Regular flanged wheel lubrication is essential for maximizing efficiency, preventing premature wear and damage, and ensuring the longevity of crane and railroad infrastructure. By addressing common issues associated with inadequate lubrication and showcasing real-world examples of improved performance and cost savings, we emphasize the importance of prioritizing maintenance practices. With a proactive approach to lubrication, overhead crane and short-line rail operators can optimize efficiency, minimize downtime, and achieve significant cost savings over the lifespan of their rail-based systems.

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